Friday, April 24, 2009

Just playing

Hello I,m here again.
Spring has finally sprung. Yes !!!
Went out this AM and sat on the front pourch with ny Coffee. The Daffodils are up. Tulips are close to coming out. Corcus are just about gone. A little wind in the air today. Chilly . Well it is still early in the year.

Every year now for OMG I can,t count that high. Well time doesn't matter does it? I change my flower beds.. Put something different in them. I have a small collection of statues that I use.
Special rocks some of them do have names. Items that also stick into the ground.
This year my focus is to put as much as possible in the front yard. So far I've got a lot of stick in the grounds done.

Also atarting on the backyard again.

Put more bricks in back there, just so I can sit a little higher. Easier getting back up. But didn't stop to think off all the work involved in the process. Now all of a sudden I am faced with having to dig all the bulbs up. Looking it all over to see where I can put what next time. Getting more dirt. Fixing the back wall so it doesn't fall over. Amazing who a small idea can turn into such a big project.

Warren has been getting some more work done on his arm. Starting to look real cool. This is something I never thought that he would get to have. Am so happy for him. I have already done one page on his arm. Now I need to find it and add to it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last weekend we went for a Sunday Drive. A special drive to Spokane and then on to Colville where they have a Wal-Mart. Sure Spokane has four maybe five of them now. Plus its a whole 60 miles closer in Spokane.

So ok, one hour from here to Spokane , then another hour to Colville and the Wally World there. It's a Superstore. Off we go , Less than half way to Spokane my cell rings..It's them they are just leaving home to find us in Colville. At the Wallyworld there . They have a two hour drive also. Plus they have two mtn passes to go thru.

Never been in this area of the state before. No camera-- darn I knew it. Bad Girl. Starting to get colder out. Lots more snow here then what we have. Mountains all over the place now. Cool we only got 20 miles more. Longest miles of the whole trip. Just wanted to scream ARE WE THERE YET ? Kept my mouth shut was afraid someone would tell my to just shut up and color.

Finally I'm trying to get out of the car. My legs are asleep and my bladder is floating. Whew never thought we would finally get that last 20 miles over with. Going just as fast as we can , into the store, race for the bathroom. Just get done and find each other again.

Off goes the cell phone. They are here,where are we? Racing for the front door again. Out the door and let chris on the cell know what we are wearing. Spot each other..Park the car , few minutes later..


They are so cute. Soft, Brag, Brag Everybody loves the puppy. We just got them into the car and two kids see them. OHHHHHH so cute. You giving them away? says one of the kids. No Sorry.

One male smokey, laying on the back of the chair next to cushion. Chrystal on the front of chair. She has a white spot on top of her head.

The above layout was done with a new kit by Snowraven. You can find lots of her stuff, and others at Stop over take a look. Check out the forum there also. If you have any thoughts at all about learning to do your own designing then this is the place to be. Challenges are designed to get you designing.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Catching up part 2

I'm back

I had to let you know some of the things I Love , Got them done and now to show them to you.

Some of you already know that we have a new foster Daughter. Brandi is her name. Shes gotten the nick name of Rebel. Yes she looks like one.And at times acts like one also. Really I think it's normal for Teenage girls not to want to clean their rooms. But Brandi OMG..Three days later and we are still working on it.
The two G-Sons come tonight. Cool think were gonna have Pancakes for dinner. Well thats it for now. More in a couple days..TTFN

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catching up.

While looking for Freebies today on my usual places. The thought that I had not updated my blog hit me hard..Sorry will try to do better in the future.

Halloween is now over. I'm bummed that it's over. For many reasons this year. I have been collecting stuff to do pages for all the G-Kids. So many things I want to use. I have come to realize that two of my G-kids are now teenagers. Five live on the other side of the US. One of my G-Sons here has been told one more year. Then you are to old to go Trick or Treat. Great that leaves me with only TWO.One of them went with other friends and of course few pictures were taken. The last and only source did get some. But I have still to see them!!!! Makes me real scared for x-mas!!!!

I have been given a couple awards. I've been thinking about them, Trying to figure out who to give them too. First came from Vanessa. I know her from SBM. She is great and a true friend. You really must stop by and see some of her wonderful creations.

It's the Proximdade award. As many us know, It,s also called the Friendship around the World award. Coming from Spanish history this award It is to be given to blogs that are special and pleasing.

I would like to pass this award on to the following blogs.

These next ones are going to the Reading world.

J. R. Ward at

Christine Freehan at
Lauriel K. Hamilton at

Now I'm suppose to tell you things that I Love. Not ready yet!!! I,m gonna play at this one. Will be using a very wonderful looking kit I found for free this week.

Here are the previews of it.. and the link to it.

Link Here.. Just go down the page..Also follow link from to get the complete kit.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lilac Whisper

Carol Burs has come up with a new kit called Lilac Whisper. It can be found here at Magical Scraps .

main_page=product_info&cPath=1_35_36&products_id=91 I had a blast working with this kit. I was working on my first page of it. My Grandson Michael , his older brother, and my son came in the door. It took Michael about three seconds to realize what I was doing, and up on the chair he is to help me. Michael has just lost his two front teeth. Hes so cute with those gone. Me Drama, yep I'm Drama to Michael. Do me Please. He picked out the picture of himself , the white ribbons and where they went. The tag, spelled his name for me and how old he was. Also picked the blue bow along with where its suppose to go. Puts his hands up and says Done.

This is the second time he has helped me make a layout. He knows where to go and what to do already. Here is what we came up with.

Next we have a couple other pages that were made using the same kit. My helper of course had gone home by now , sound asleep . Who knows he could have been dreaming about getting his two front teeth for x-mas !

Grandaughters Jackie , and Angel seems to just fit this layout, These two have a very strong bond between them. They have had a lot to deal with in their short lives. Sisters in ever sense of the word.

While I was still working at Wal-Mart, I got to train Rachel in working in our Dept. She learned fast, and had things figured out so good. No wonder I taught her. LOL Well she went on to take over cosmetics, and is now in Electronics. I stoped the other day and asked if I could borrow a few pix of her little girl. Oh my havent seen her smile that big in a while. Even gonna get some new ones up for me to take a look at, I can borrow them also.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Places and Avatars

Been doing some looking around again. I found a picture at Photobucket that I just fell in Love with. Saved it. OOOh gee that was months ago. Well I put it to use just a few days go. I found a new Place that I just Love .. Been busy making pages free freebies on the forum. Some of these Ladys Just Rock your world when it comes to Scrapbooking. This is just one of the pages I have made so far.

With Halloween coming this Grandma has taken the good fortune she just found and got some pages for Halloween Done and waiting. Grandsons were here the other day. I got lots of pictures. A request wad also filed with my son for pix from Halloween.

Would you believe it .I now get to CT for the sites store. YES

Thanks so much Snowraven & Edna !

This was my first Template Challenge .

Come and join us at Magickal Scraps .

Just like me I jumped in with both feet. By accident I did as many layouts as possible as soon as possible. I looked and looked if I could get my hands on it . It got done. I may have stepped on someones toes. If I did . Didn't mean to sorry. My Bad !!

I now have another Avatar also. Clippers is the name. If I were to get another new Tattoo this would be it .

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just checking in

Have been a little busy the last few weeks. I got a huge dumptruck load of Dirt. Have been filling in all the holes in the back yard that are just big enough to twist your ankle. Plus a few that are even bigger than that. Lots of fun. Then in spring throw grass seed on it. Also have been working on the flower beds getting ready for next year.

Found a new picture of Jackie on her page the other day. Of course I stole it. Grandmas are allowed to do that.

This ia what I came up with. It seems to make her look much older. I Love it . She really is a special girl who has been thru so much. The oldest of the Grandchildren. How she use to laugh when Grandma would tell her one of those crazy fairy tales. She and her sister got to live with us last year for a while. I Loves it. Got a chance to really get to know my Grandaughters. Picture below is of her also on her fathers motorcycle.