Friday, April 24, 2009

Just playing

Hello I,m here again.
Spring has finally sprung. Yes !!!
Went out this AM and sat on the front pourch with ny Coffee. The Daffodils are up. Tulips are close to coming out. Corcus are just about gone. A little wind in the air today. Chilly . Well it is still early in the year.

Every year now for OMG I can,t count that high. Well time doesn't matter does it? I change my flower beds.. Put something different in them. I have a small collection of statues that I use.
Special rocks some of them do have names. Items that also stick into the ground.
This year my focus is to put as much as possible in the front yard. So far I've got a lot of stick in the grounds done.

Also atarting on the backyard again.

Put more bricks in back there, just so I can sit a little higher. Easier getting back up. But didn't stop to think off all the work involved in the process. Now all of a sudden I am faced with having to dig all the bulbs up. Looking it all over to see where I can put what next time. Getting more dirt. Fixing the back wall so it doesn't fall over. Amazing who a small idea can turn into such a big project.

Warren has been getting some more work done on his arm. Starting to look real cool. This is something I never thought that he would get to have. Am so happy for him. I have already done one page on his arm. Now I need to find it and add to it.